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DA dan
just knitting and trying to tidy a bit today. when i went away for my University's homecoming this weekend, i was surprised when i came back. it felt like my child had grown so much in the 2 days i was gone. like she was something new.

i've been thinking about that, about everything being new all the time, but it really isn't new.. just.. it never stopped changing at all. it's like a river running, or the wind blowing. every second, every moment is technically new, but it's not like swapping something out for something else. it's little bits, changing so small, so slowly, that you don't notice.

sometimes i wonder if my soul is eroding, like the grand canyon. one day i will look inside myself and find only a deep, waving chasm, with the layers of me visible all the way down to the bottom, and the river down there, still cutting away at me. but it won't ever stop.

Extreme Sheep LED Art
DA dan

sheep lights

The Animal Odd Couple
DA dan

Brandi Carlile - Downpour
DA dan

for jenna... the song i adore so much right now. it was Josephine for about two weeks. now it's this one.


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my dirt
::"I want to understand the metaphysical sh*t beyond science"::

i saw this one a friend's journal, in a conversation posted between He and a friend. they were discussing god and reincarnation, and how they would reather belive in God than be reincarnated.

and i must say, i think exactly the opposite way. i'd MUCh rather understand the science behind the metaphysical. i don't deny that there are energies, things moving, that Do have affects, that science cannot explain. study, yes. record, and staticize, yes... explain? no.

i cannot explain why, even though i didn't know how many days it was until the equinox, that i felt the rushing push of purpose that i always feel at this time. i didn't know it was two days until then. i told D, "it's almost the equinox. like, this week sometime..." and a few sentences later i asked Him what day it was. like, day of the week AND number day, because, honestly, i didn't pay attention. i can't explain that. i can't explain why sitting in the rain and feeling the water rush over me fills me up with a power that's almost palpable...

i can't explain the feeling of a drum circle, or the energy in a dance, or the fire in a sexual embrace that is more than physical response, but emotional and mental explosion of cognizance. and attributing that to a secondary force, a god, if you will, a deity, an "other", seams cheap to me. far less devaluing that the potency of scientific movement. then again, maybe that's why i love science so much. it's passionate for me.

how can something so coded and numbered, so specific and data-driven be passionate and emotional? i don't know that either. but it is. ultimately, i AM atheist. but science is a powerful god... results, or the unexpected, searching, finding... or not... sounds metaphysical to me, how 'bout you?

a while back, i started using the term "mystic atheist". and i think i'll keep it...

now. can anybody get me my tarot cards back? *sigh*


A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you)
DA dan

i LOVE this song. my friend meri sent me a lovely birthday e-card, and her very name prompted me to not only wish HER a merry (meri!) unbirthday, but also to post this song to wish all of YOU an unbirthday too!

oh, it's also national mulled cider day, so have a mug for me! and YOU!

*hugs everyone!*


(and yes, i DID get my birthday spankings. LOTS of birthday spankings.. and i am also a pod person. more on that later. )

shamelessly stealing subjects...
CANNING! i just real the lovely llamaman's post onhis canning adventures. and i just HAD to post mine too.

our little garden is doing fabulously. we learned a lot this first year. next year, some things will stay the same. the heatwave tomato is my favorite, and the romas are great, though we' will tie them up WAY earlier next time, so that they don't sprawl all over.

a lot of things will change. i foresee a declaration to NEVER grow lettuce AGAIN. and i really want to add some squash-y things, like not only actual squash (th eyellow kind) but acorn squash, zucchini, maybe a buttternut. the corn is a keeper. i loved the corn, but here's hoping that the rain is better next year. out decond picking was very slim, and i don't think there will be a third.

the cayenne peppers are fabulous. next year, i think there wil be more peppers of all kinds. i love the cayennes pickled, and the bell peppers are FINALLY starting to put out.

sinc ethe tomatoes are not producing like crazy, i have to go pick pretty much every other day, and can about every four days to keep up. i SHOULD be canning today, but i don't have any jars. time for another trip to the market.

anyhoo, behind the cut is MUCHO piccage. of some jarred things and the beauty fo the bounty of our own little garden. Enjoy!

our garden's gloryCollapse )

anyhow, canning is so cool. it's been on my "list of things i want to do, for really real, al by myself" for some time now, along with making homemade yeast bread and sewing a quilt. bread i think i'll tackle next. and as for quilts, i think i'll settle at this particular time for ragdolls. *grin*

have a great day guys!!

DA dan

precious.. just precious. made me cry. doesn't help that i'm PMSing right now, but still. this little guy has it. be happy. no matter what it takes....

skinny dipping day.
jack youknowyouwantme
today is skinny dipping day. *grin*

cut for text.. some more adult talk.Collapse )

what's your favorite skinny dipping experience?


the way i remember summer
today is national watermelon day.

i want watermelon. lots of it. i want a big huge one picked from a field, still warm. i'm one of those freaks that doesn't like her watermelon ice-cold.

i want to plunge the biggest knife we have through the tough point where the melon used to connect with the vine. i want to pull it across untill the pressure causes the whole thing to split with a wet meaty CRACK.

i want to cut wedges as long as my forearm, as wide as my hand, and bite into them with my whole face, my mouth buried past the corners in the grainy sweetness, slurping juice, presing the flesh against the roof of my mouth with moy tongue and feeling it compress, crush against my teeth. i want to take bites almost too big, and feel them fill my mouth.

the watermelon always looks frosted, and biting it brings a crunch almost akin to biting crystallized fruit at first, but it goes so quick. sandy, almost, but not gritty. beads of juice and thin strings and the white seeds that squish between teeth. the black seeds are harder, and crunch if you bite them. i don't like that crunch, so i tuck the seeds into the hollow of my cheek, holding them there until i lift my wet juice covered face to take a breath, and turn, spitting wads of shiny black seeds into the grass as the sticky sugar-sweet water runs down my arms and chin. some seeds are in the way, i will swallow them easily and carelessly, despite horror stories of watermelons growing in the bellies of the children who ate the seeds.

and when the red is all gone, i'll bite into the almost white part, tasting the smoother texture and tart flavor of the near rind, my face wet from nose to chin, my neck covered witha pink-tinged sheen, the top of my shirt soaked, my hands holding tight, fighting to keep hold of the slick green skin as they wrinkle from being saturated with watermelon juice. my arms will be drenched to the elbows, the same pinkish tinge runing, leaving tracks in the fine hair on my arms, and dripping from the points of my elbows onto the grass beneath.

i will drag my hand and arm across my mouth, juice sliding on juice, scraping it away with the pressure of my arm, and finally give up to lift the bottom edge of my shirt and wipe my face. maybe i will go to the waterhose, and lift it for a drink, tasting the strange and familiarplasticky flavor of the hose, the gently force of the water against my lips and face, and wash the sticky from me that way, taking care to bathe my feet, and rinse of the juice, seeds and grass stuck there.

and i will go back, and raise my hands for another slice.

happy watermelon day.


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